mscripts Pickup and Delivery

An end-to-end, outside-the-store commerce solution

Customers want to order, buy and get their medications outside the traditional store environment.

Whether it's delivery, mail order, contactless or curbside pickup, or lockers, our flexible, configurable solution meets your critical business needs.

Our Pickup and Delivery solution allows pharmacies to activate a suite of outside-the-store prescription distribution options — whether same-day, next-day or longer. Customers select their medication, choose the distribution method, check out and process payment all within the trusted pharmacy communication platform.

Integrate with the delivery and payment partner of your choice

Process payment through text-to-web or app pages

Send delivery updates when the script is on its way 

Mail order

Keep your patients on track with their medications by shipping directly to their home, either on a regular schedule or on demand. Patients can request and pay for orders, update payment and addresses. Simple and easy to use, this is the perfect solution for health systems and mail order pharmacies. 

Shipment tracking

The mscripts Shipment Tracking Module offers the ability to send live shipment tracking text message updates for mail order prescriptions. Patients are notified when their package:

  • is shipped 
  • is in transit 
  • arrives 
  • has any problems

A Word For Pharmacies...

We understand that getting the details right makes all the difference. From integrating with pharmacy systems to understanding your particular workflows, we are committed to delivering a solution that works seamlessly for both you and your customers.

What about medications that can’t be delivered?

Medications unavailable for delivery, such as certain refrigerated items, can easily be tagged as ineligible for delivery.

Can the solution support the nuances of payment processing?

Yes. For example, many pharmacies capture credit card information upon customer checkout, but only charge the card upon deliver.

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Why act now?

In a world with COVID, the pharmacy industry is changing rapidly.
Customers want to receive their prescriptions safely and conveniently. Demand for shipping, delivery and other services is exploding.

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