Mobile Increases Adherence

mscripts’ platform demonstrates that mobile pharmacy apps with
two-way patient communication, improves medication adherence.
Patients on our platform refill more frequently resulting
in an average of 3+ additional fills per patient per year.​

In a study conducted by us, we found that HIV patients using a mobile app which provides refill reminders, dosage reminders and other prescription management functionality are 2.9 times more likely to be adherent.

The impact of sponsored adherence

Patients who receive a sponsored message exhibit a 20% increased adherence rate over patients who did not receive sponsored messages.

These messages are delivered in real-time and integrated into the pharmacy messaging stream, resulting in a more responsive patient.


Ads: Less than 1%
Email: Less than 2.79%
Direct mail: Less than 3.7%

It's all about the micro-moments

Text, app and web communication allows us to better understand patient behavior over time

The response behavior

What happens when mscripts sends a refill reminder?


of patients respond
with a refill request


of patients respond
within 2 hours

Only 1% of patients opt out of
text message refill reminders