A powerful health communication and commerce platform

Meet your customers' expectations with our delivery and commerce capabilities  

Omnichannel health management – web, app, text and voice

Rx management

Patients can see all their prescriptions in one place and refill from a list or by scanning the prescription.


Our functionality can be embedded into your existing retail application or delivered as a stand-alone pharmacy application.

Payment & delivery

Patients can see copays, manage credit cards, pay for prescriptions and have them shipped or delivered straight to their door.

Family care

Our mobile apps and web portals allow patients to manage prescriptions on behalf of their family members.


Patients can set up reminders to remind them when it’s time to refill and take their medications.

Patient engagement

Patients have complete control over the kind of messages they receive and their preferred communication medium.

mscripts Commerce

Empower your patients to manage scripts from refill to pick up using one, integrated platform.

Engage your patients with an intelligent messaging platform. Let them order, buy and get scripts delivered. Streamline your operations and drive value to your business.

Learn more about mscripts Payments, Shipping and Delivery.

Intelligent text messaging. Simple outreach, powerful results.

mscripts’ intelligent messages monitor behavioral decisions and contact patients at points in therapy critical to maintain adherence and drive clinical services. Message flows are integrated with one-time webpages to allow for a complete commerce and medication management experience without requiring an app. 

Patients sign up for text messages
at the pharmacy

Patients are receive reminders and alerts about their prescriptions

Patients are notified as soon
as prescriptions are ready

Dispensing integration

Two-way messaging

Reporting & analytics

Health messages

Web Pharmacy: a responsive digital pharmacy solution for everyone, on every device.

Integrate refill and medication management functionality into your website with mscripts’ responsive web offering. The offering provides a seamless experience across mobile and web, allowing patients to manage their preferences, set up family accounts, and fill their scripts on their computer, tablet or phone.

Now, patients have a seamless experience across mobile and web.

 Responsive design that works across all devices

ADA section 508 compliant accessibility

Smart integration options to link from your website

Built-in analytics to track user behavior and usage

 Support for screen reader accessibility

Adheres to web security standards and best practices

A digital platform that  moves your business forward


Highly scable, efficient and reliable services hosted on the Amazon Web Services cloud.
Secure, HIPAA compliant infrastructure. 
Mobile apps and web applications offer ADA Section 508 compliant accessibilty.


Certified integrations with the leading pharmacy systems, including PDX and McKesson, ensure that the mobile pharmacy solution seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure.
Support for additional, customizations such as Single Sign-on, loyalty integrations, self-service tools etc.


The platform is designed to be privately branded with your pharmacy's look and feel.

Ready-made links to popular social media applications including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.